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Fitbit Ionic Review

Fitbit has joined the smart watch game with the Ionic. This is a watch that works as a fitness tracker. This Fitbit Ionic review will particularly look into how the watch can be utilized for many intentions one has when trying to stay fit and active. It is a unit that is comfortable to have and offers readouts for all the workout needs people hold.

Fitbit-Ionic-Review_pro-tech-watchesThe Design

The Fitbit Ionic uses a simple design that includes an adjustable wrist band. It has a graphics display that is bright and easy to see. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen system offers a good layout while staying intact and being less likely to crack or wear out.

A GPS antenna is also integrated into the watch to make it easier for the unit to get real time information on where one is traveling during a workout. The NFC antenna and simple charging port both add to the overall functionality of the watch.


The software inside the Fitbit Ionic includes a full activity tracker. It lists information on what one is doing by recording various bits of data. It can analyze one’s steps, heart rate, pace, active minutes spent and much more. The screen allows the user to check on all the activities one is getting into as well, thus improving upon how well it can be used for monitoring many health-related functions.

The build-in GPS feature does well with monitoring one’s route when working out and with keeping tabs on the user’s pace. The heart rate monitor also works well as it links to the back end of the watch to analyze one’s rate in real time.

Smartphone Support

The Fitbit Ionic can link up to a smartphone through a wireless connection. The Ionic can use Bluetooth signals with the phone to produce a full readout of one’s workout and other physical efforts.

The information listed in the smartphone makes it easy for people to check on how well their workouts are being run. It goes back by a good amount of time, thus improving upon how well data relating to one’s workouts and general efforts can be reviewed as necessary.


* The screen offers a clear readout every time.

* The watch is also very light in weight.

* It has access to Pandora and can even store and play hundreds of songs.

* The NFC chip stores credit cards for one’s use while at local stores.

* The physical readouts on the watch are recorded quickly and played back with ease.

* This links up to a charger quite well with a simple connector.


* It takes a bit for the GPS feature to start working properly.

* The smart notifications work better if a phone that can link to the watch is close by.

* It can be tough to adjust the fit on the watch at times.

General Summary

The Fitbit Ionic does well for many needs that people have when aiming to get a good smart watch that is easy to wear and use in many situations. People who want to get more out of their workouts should see how the Fitbit Ionic is designed and what it can do for anyone’s physical demands. It produces clear and easy to read information without being complicated or otherwise challenging to use.