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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review

Samsung has tried to incorporate a lot into its latest Gear S3 Frontier – from an automatic fitness tracking to an LTE radio to a kind of Samsung Pay that can work almost everywhere. These features basically work quite well and its amazing user interface makes the gadget more worthwhile. Let us now go through this Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review to know about the gear in further details.

Pros and Cons


~ Has a perfect smartwatch interface

~ A good battery life

~ A bright OLED display

~ Great performance


~ Size can be too big for many

~ Automatic exercise tracking may seem odd

~ Not too many Tizen app options


Samsung-Gear-S3-1_pro-tech-watchesS3 Frontier Gear has an attractive rugged look with a stainless steel body and a rotating bezel. When you wear it, it gives an impression of a nice mechanical watch. Unless you are amongst those who like to wear thin watches, you are surely going to love this one.

Since S3 Frontier is big in size it will not look good on every wrist. Its big 380mAh battery and integrated LTE radio contribute to its big size, and so does its 1.33 inch AMOLED super bright display.

As far as its screen is concerned it is just perfect. If you enable the gear’s always-on display feature the screen can display about 16 million colors. So, even if you are not using it, it gives the impression of a real watch.

All thanks to its Gorilla Glass coating the watch looks sturdy, as sturdy as wearables must be. The screen offers perfect crisp images and you can read it without difficulty in every situation. Though its resolution and size (360 X360) are not as pixel-dense as the Gear 2, yet its bigger screen certainly does its job really well.


Samsung-Gear-S3-2_pro-tech-watchesSamsung Gear S3 Frontier runs Tizen and it is laid out in a remarkable way so as to make good use of its amazing spinning bezel. If you spin the bezel clockwise you will get to see your notifications, and if you spin it anticlockwise you will get to see all the widgets that you have added. And, if you successfully manage all these then you will be able to use the gear’s interface easily, and will certainly enjoy using it.

Since people already like spinning the bezel so much, Samsung offers you a lot more in this model. Earlier, you would swipe on your screen to disable the alarm or to dismiss calls, but now you simply need to twist the dial.

You can even use this amazing bezel to play interesting games on your S3, though it would not be a great idea to do so. There are two reasons behind this – one, whenever you spin the bezel it makes a clicking sound and when you are engrossed in games, this can prove to be distractive. Secondly, there are not too many games or too many apps that Tizen anyway offers.

Though Samsung claims that the Tizen Store offers about 10, 000 apps, but just a few of them are good enough to run well on the small screen of the gear. Furthermore, the number of worthwhile or interesting apps in the already little selection that you have is smaller.

This does not mean the platform has a worthless software, and in fact, its preloaded Flipboard app is very good and shows you headlines at just a glance, and Uber too successfully helps you know when your car is about to arrive. Trulia can also help you know about any real estate sales near you.

The other features too work quite well. As soon as you touch the bottom button the S Voice is activated and you can then use it to launch apps, make calls, and send messages. Though S Voice easily interprets what is being said, it can take some time before it responds to the command made.

In Use

Apart from the basic features, S3 has more to offer that you will not find in other smartwatches like cellular radio, using which you can talk on your wrist, and enjoy great quality conversation. You will have to set the volume on the speaker really high even if you want to use it in a quiet space, but even then it’s enjoyable. You can have an even better experience if you add AT&T’s NumberSync as it will route message and calls from your phone to your smart S3.

This is also the first smartwatch that allows MST to make mobile payments. Basically, using this you can make payments to any store no matter what type of registers they prefer. So, whether they use traditional card swiping or a contactless terminal, you are good to go.

To use this feature you simply need to press the Gear’s top button for about three seconds and then tap away. You are allowed to repeat this for up to 10 times before you will need to re-authenticate your S3 from your smartphone. This should last you for quite a few days even if you leave home without carrying your wallet. However, you will have to use your pin every time you do this, and that can seem to be a little troublesome using this little keypad.

The S3 also has a few interesting health-tracking features. The GPS radio can precisely track your trail runs. Though it cannot compete with any proper running watch, yet it does the job pretty well.

If you use S3 with a Samsung phone it runs very well, as expected. But, even if you use it with a non-Samsung Android-based phone, you will enjoy similar amazing functionality, but it requires a little setup.


By creating Gear S3 Frontier, Samsung has done an impressive job. Though this gadget falls short in a few ways like
limited app choice and overactive automatic tracking, yet with few other great smartwatch options available, this one makes a good deal. It offers many interesting features like the ability to make calls from the watch, rotating bezel to make using the watch super easy, and a great interface. If you are in the search of a nice and useful smartwatch, then Samsung S3 certainly fits your bill.